Do you accept custom orders?

No, I do not. Nor do I offer variations on a design. Leather working is very time consuming as well as a very expensive and sensitive material that allows no room for error. That said, all designs go through a long and rigorous designing process and then gets field tested prior to appearing for sale on the website/in stores. The final price tag of the product does not include the designing and field testing periods. However, if I were to custom make a product for you I would have to include the time of designing and field testing which would yield a very, very expensive custom design.

I strive to keep my products priced as affordable as possible without compromising on quality.

Where do you source your leather?

I have several sources for leather depending on the variety needed for a particular design.

All deerskin (Sierra Tote, Ariel Belt Bag, Anaya Traveler Bag, select Heirloom bags) I get from Colorado Leather Goods in Colorado Springs - www.coloradoleathergoods.com

All veg tanned natural leather I get from Tandy Leather in Santa Fe, NM - www.tandyleatherfactory.com

Select cowhides I get from Zack White Leather in Ramseur, NC - www.zackwhiteleather.com

Most cowhide I get from Waterhouse Leather in Hyannis, Massachusetts - www.waterhouseleather.comĀ 

How do I clean the leather?**

Use a clean soft rag with distilled (not tap!) water, lightly wipe clean in a circular motion, let it air dry.

**Not all stains can be removed, but that's what adds to the character of the leather.

Is the leather weather/waterproof?

Select leathers are weatherproofed as part of the tanning process and thus come this way when I receive the hide. I do not offer weatherproofing.

Bags that are weatherproofed are noted as such in the product description.

If you would like to weatherproof a bag I suggest using a clear mink oil product.