The Process

It all starts with an idea. Julia lets this idea simmer for several days to several weeks in her mind before she finally lets it out into a -very- rough sketch:
After the rough sketch comes sourcing the leather. Julia goes through a handful of samples before she finally settles on the leather for the new design. The leather has to be just the right weight (thickness) and suppleness for the particular design. She also likes to pick a color scheme so the design can be offered in more than one color. After that, she sources the hardware.
Next comes the prototype. This process can take awhile. All the measurements, lines, curves, and shapes must be just right. With leather there is no room for error. This is also when the paper pattern gets created and filed so that all future orders can be cut to the correct measurements.
The prototype then gets field tested for several weeks by Julia. This allows her time to test its durability, how well the leather ages, and to decide if there are any detail tweaks she'd like to make.
After it's stood the test of time and heavy use and all final tweaks have been made the product gets photographed for the website and marketing.
The end!